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Why Great Reunions?

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Great Reunions Is The Nation's Premier Reunion Planning Company

There are many important factors that has earned Great Reunions the distinction of being the nation's premier reunion planning company. Some of our key advantages are listed below.

Our research is the best in the industry; we can build a database, research, and have the first piece of information in the mail within 10-20 working days of receiving all of your research source documents. With an active reunion committee we can almost guarantee that 90-95% of your classmates are notified of the reunion in some form or fashion - direct mail, e-mail, web site, newspaper, radio, family, friend, school, etc. We mail on a daily basis, so any address changes or additional information that needs to be mailed out is done within 24 hours of us receiving it.

Per reunion organized, Great Reunions is the most well-staffed reunion company in the nation. With 20 full time employees, we contribute more labor hours to each reunion than anyone! Quantity, however, doesn’t mean much if you don’t also have Quality. Great Reunions has the most qualified and experienced employees in the industry - our employees have over 100 years combined experience between them. In most cases our employees have been with Great Reunions longer than most reunion companies have been in business!

State-of-the-Art Systems
Everything we do in the course of organizing a reunion, our employees do from within our company owned corporate offices. This gives us more control over our product. Our computers, mailing, design and printing equipment are state-of-the-art. It allows our employees to be more productive and thus more efficient. What does this mean to you? Deadlines are met, mistakes are few and costs are controlled.

Executive Management
Our Executive Management and Ownership are Denise and Michael Silva. Denise has a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern California (USC). Michael has two Bachelors from the University of the Pacific (UOP), a Masters from Stanford University, and is completing his PhD, also from Stanford. They have a combined business experience of over 27 years, ranging from a small privately owned wedding planning business to major corporate experience with 700 employees and nearly one hundred million dollars in annual revenue.

Reunion Specialist
We have a dedicated Hotel Department, their sole job is to locate the best alternatives from which your reunion committee can select. They also negotiate the best pricing and dates. Due to our size (some 600 reunions per year) and also being the oldest in the business, 20 years, no one can match our hotel pricing and relationships. Simply put, no one else can bring 600 potential deals to the table, which obviously provides our vendors an incentive to move all others aside to meet our client’s needs (date and price). We have a dedicated Reunion Committee Liaison, so once the contract is signed, our salesperson continues to seek new business, while a dedicated Great Reunions staff member handles your needs. Our own in house Information Technology (I.T.) Department, no other reunion company has this function. Our Reunion Specialists and their respective staffs have numerous years of experience in the reunion industry and each has an important position in our efficient operations. Our industry leading systems are a result of their broad technical skills, experience and dedication to customer service.

Outstanding Credentials
Great Reunions is a member of the following organizations:

  • C.A.D.A. - California Association of Directors of Activities
  • N.A.R.M. - National Association of Reunion Managers
  • B.B.B. - Better Business Bureau


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