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Reunion Planning Services

Great Reunions offers a complete set of reunion planning services to help plan, organize, and conduct your high school reunion. Your reunion committee can be as involved as much as you like, and Great Reunions will take care of everything else. Typically, this means that we do all the hard and tedious work, while you get to do all the fun stuff!

Assuming 100% Financial Responsibility
We will pay all of the deposits and other payments required in advance by the hotel and others, so your committee does not have to pay out any money. If you're going to hold your reunion in a hotel, this would cost you $3,000 to $5,000.

Your Own Class Reunion Web Site!
Great Reunions offers your class reunion its own web site! We'll design and create a web site for you, within ours, and publicize it to the Web community. This increases the visibility of your reunion, and makes information about your reunion available to classmates. It also gets the word out in a different medium, which increases the likelihood that more of your classmates will find out about the reunion and attend! Distant classmates looking for reunion information will find it here.

Locating Your Classmates
One of the keys to a great reunion is maximizing attendance. Unfortunately, most people don't live at the same address as when they were in high school. So how do you find everybody?

Well, unlike ordinary reunion companies, Great Reunions applies extensive resources to finding your classmates. We have an impressive array of computer equipment and national databases. Our in-house information sources include a statewide directory of property owners, plus statewide and national telephone directories. Naturally, we also search the Internet to find people. And we supplement these tools with our own proprietary software developed with the experience of having searched for over 2 million people.

For you, all this means that we'll find more people, and get more announcements and invitations to the right addresses. That means we'll get the word out to more people. And that maximizes the attendance and success of your reunion.

We design and print announcements and invitations for your reunions, featuring your school logo or mascot, in-house. Because we do this in-house, you get flexible, friendly and reliable service. Beyond this, we take care of all the mailings. And if any mail comes back (sent to the wrong address), we'll stay on the case and keep searching for the correct address for that classmate.

Choosing a Location
We will help you choose a hotel or restaurant in the area of your school. This generally helps maximize attendance for your reunion. Please note that getting started early increases the likelihood that we will be able to secure your first choice of location.

We will get the word out on your reunion. We distribute reunion announcements to over 300 media outlets monthly. So don't be surprised to find your reunion listed in the paper, or on your local radio stations. It's all part of our service to you.

Coordinating Staff at the Reunion
Great Reunions will have staff on-hand the night of the reunion to make sure that everything goes smoothly. These reunion professionals will handle all the details. Typically we provide you with 3 staff members - more than any other reunion management company.

Professional Disc Jockey
We will arrange for a professional Disc Jockey to play music at your reunion. The selection of songs and styles is up to you!

Professional Photographer
We will arrange for a professional photographer to take pictures at your reunion. This will include posed shots of everyone who attends (who is interested), plus candid shots of the event in progress. A color memory book is created for those who desire to purchase one. Photographic services may vary by geography and expected attendance.

Souvenir Bio-Book
Prior to the reunion, we will arrange the photographs sent in by your classmates into a souvenir bio-book, which also includes an updated class directory. Plus, your committee can include special notes or greetings. Every classmate who attends the reunion gets a bio book at the door. Extra books are available to classmates who are unable to attend the reunion. Advertising within the bio-book is also available.

Photo Name Badges
We prepare name badges for every classmate with a reservation, each with a photo from your high school year book. Our doing this task will save you numerous hours!

We will decorate the site of your reunion to help generate a festive atmosphere. We'll put decorations on every dinner table, using your school colors. And we'll utilize decorations by the disc jockey and dance floor.

Support and Guidance
Every reunion is different, because every class is different. We know, because we have planned and coordinated over 6,000 successful reunions. With this learning, we have developed a standard procedure that helps ensure that everything gets taken care of. And when you have questions or comments, we'll be there to support your decisions and guide you through the process. We look forward to working with you, and talking to you as often as you like.

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Summary Of Services

• We assume ALL financial responsibility. There is NO cost or risk to the reunion committee.

• We have the HIGHEST attendance per reunion in the nation. We spend more time and money on this single focus, because it maximizes your memories.

• Your own Web Page, including a complete class list.

• In-house design, printing and mailing of Announcement Postcards, Invitations, and Reminder Postcards.

• Public service announcements to over 300 media outlets MONTHLY.

• Automated nationwide research to locate classmates. We consistently contact 90-95% of your classmates with an active Reunion Committee.

• Photo bio-book with classmate address directory.

• Yearbook photo name badges.

• Decorations in your school colors.

• TRUE e-commerce registration, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

• Disc jockey.

• Photography, based on attendance.

• 24 hour turnaround on all mailings from address updates.

• Reunion night staff to handle all details.

• Continuous support and guidance throughout all stages of your reunion.

• Payment by phone, fax, mail, internet, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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